For Sale Wide Beach Cliff Lot Near Esperanza Beach

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  • Published: March 28, 2023
  • Last Update: February 29, 2024
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This exquisite Beach Cliff property is nestled in the tranquil northwest part of Camotes Island. With a breathtaking panorama of Tulang Diot Island, this location is the perfect setting for a romantic residence or an intimate resort.

Spanning a generous 3,632 square meters, this property is available for only 5.7 million pesos or 101,272 USD. Its large flat terrain, complemented by minimal development near the cliff, enhances accessibility and amplifies the natural beauty of the site.

Imagine a daily routine where you wake up to the gentle serenade of crashing waves, and enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets from the seclusion of your own private viewing deck.

Situated just a few meters from essential water and electricity lines, and approximately 30 meters away from the road.

In the nearby village of Esperanza, you’ll find the elegant White Beach resort, complete with a swimming pool and Mediterranean restaurant. The Diving Center Uncle Rock offers underwater adventures alongside a Korean restaurant, and the German resort Villa Marques adds to the diverse local flair.

The famed Tulang Diot Island, visible from the property itself, is a popular tourist spot. Additionally, the Tulang Daku is merely a few minutes’ walk away, where you can buy fresh fish and vegetables.

With its strategic location, abundant space, and surreal vistas, this Beach Cliff property on Camotes Island presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of paradise.

The property is just a few kilometers away from the bustling hub of Consuelo port and the vibrant San Francisco Town.

There are several interesting tourist spots nearby. These include breathtaking caves offering freshwater swimming experiences, the thrilling Lake Danao with its zipline, and the scenic Tulang Diot fishing island known for its white sand beaches and superior diving spots that reveal an underwater world of beautiful corals.

San Francisco Town, which is only a few kilometers away, provides access to a hospital, a college, shopping malls, and a sizable local market.

On the opposite side of the island, you’ll find Mangodlong Beach, famous for its gorgeous resorts, inviting white sand beaches, refreshing swimming pools, and a range of excellent restaurants.

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